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Sounds of the Workshop

Week of july 3rd

Sounds of the Workshop

Week of july 3rd 


I've no doubt Careless Talk will be a reoccurring feature in this. My favourite podcast at the minute and though I find my psyche for climbing podcasts varies a lot it's the only one I'm always clicking play on a new episode straight away.

Ep 52: Keenan Takahashi 

Ep 53: David Fitzgerald 

Just the two most recent episodes but they feel like a bit of a pair to me, hearing about the creation of the A Little Life film from two perspectives (plus a whole lot of other stuff)
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Fred Again

Tunes on Repeat

Fred Again at Glastonbury

Watch Here

Nothing highlights Fred Again's talents like watching how he creates his music live; an even better example of this might be his Tiny Desk Concert. I recommend watching both at least once to appreciate the skill but then I've also been going back to listening to the Glastonbury set over his albums this week for some summer feel good.

Japanese Breakfast Covers

Listen Here

I'd heard of the band but didn't really know them till I saw this video of them covering The Cranberries 'Dreams'. Luckily they also did a version of this for spotify. The lead singers voice is so unique and shuffling through their stuff on spotify has made for some good poppiness to tie dye to.

Audio Books

Yellowface by R.F Kuang

Author and our narrator, Jane, steals the manuscript to her friends book after her untimely death. Great blend of intriguing story and satire, I found the ending a bit lacklustre but still rate it highly, well worth a read/listen.

All Fun and Games until Someone Loses an Eye by Christopher Brookmyre

An utterly ridiculous story of a 46 year old grandmother turned spy. A fun and entertaining listen if not a particularly good book. Probably helped by the fact that it's easier to suspend your disbelief when preoccupied with another task.
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