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Tie Dye Gallery

Tie dye has infinite possibilities with many variables you can change.

Here I hope to give you some insights into the process and give you some reference points for ordering custom dyes. Each product photo has a code (for example EG_03), please use these to reference photos when ordering custom items.


Ice vs Liquid Dyes

All items are dyed with the highest quality (no colour coming out in the wash!) powder dyes. Liquid dying is probably what comes to mind when you think 'tie dye', the dye is mixed with water and wherever it's applied is dyed a consistent colour.

With ice dyes, the powder is applied under or over the ice, as the ice melts it dyes the fabric at an uneven rate and the liquid finds it's own route through the folds, this creates the unique ice dye 'textures' of uneven colour (example above).

Material thickness will also effect the final look of a dye. Shown is a tee and sweatshirt both ice dyed in a similar scrunched style. The thickness of the fabric has changed the size of the ice dye 'textures'. 

Although it also effects folding, the difference will be less noticeable in liquid dyes.
front m 3.jpg

Ice CrumpLe



#3 front.jpg


hoodie front.jpg


The Spiral - A Tie Dye Classic

l mens front 2.jpg
hoodie front (1).jpg




Line(s) of back and forth folds with scrunched  areas around. 

An example of how within one styles there's so man options: the number of accordion fold lines, the shape of the lines and the separated or blended colours.
front l 3.jpg
med sweat 1.jpg

Ice Accordion



my hoodie (1).jpg


Coral 1 front.png


Incline Dyes 

front 3 (1).jpg
front m.jpg




Incline dyes involve propping the item, covered in ice, up at an angle. As the ice melts the dye moves down the item, replicating the flowing effect on the fabric. 


Due to the extra space needed, I cannot offer incline dyes for bulk orders 

More Examples

front s.jpg


sunset square.jpg


med 2 front.jpg


ulmc front copy.jpg


dmu front copy.jpg


esc front copy.jpg


50-50 sweat front copy.png


front m 2.jpg


small art sweat front clear.png


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